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    Common Myths about Phone Psychic Reading Debunked

    by Roosy S
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    The concept of phone psychic reading faces the insanity of baseless myths throughout the country. Phone readings offer access to the best psychic readers in the country,  and are suitable for those seeking anonymous reading sessions and offer a whole plethora of other benefits too.

    Nevertheless, there are people who still seem sceptical about phone psychic readings for reasons aplenty. Read on to find out some common misconceptions about phone psychic readings and the truth behind them.

    Myth 1:

    Phone psychic readings are never specific

    Not true. Just like a face-to-face psychic session, phone psychic readings also involve the exchange of multiple questions and when the client puts forward more specific questions about his or her love life or career, relevant answers are obtained. The depth of the answers from the psychic reader depends upon the questions asked and information shared. Quite contrary to popular belief, phone psychic reading is neither generic nor irrelevant.

    Myth 2

    Authenticity becomes questionable during a phone psychic session

    It is important to find an authentic psychic reader during a direct face to face, as well as phone reading session. While there may be a few psychic reading sources that are not genuine, there are some popular and extremely reliable psychic readers offering their services via phone. They have a successful record of clients and have people coming back to them repeatedly for guidance. Effort and time must be invested to find the best psychic in Sydney.

    Myth 3

    Phone psychic appointments are offered at the convenience of the psychic reader

    The psychic reader offers a time range within which he or she is available in a relaxed environment to offer due guidance. It is up to the client to pick a slot within the available time span. The choice of time depends upon the availability of client and his or her situation to ask questions and to accept advice. Since there is much focus required from both sides of the reading, a mutually convenient time slot is agreed upon. There is no force or pressure exerted on the client when it comes to picking a time slot for the reading.

    Myth 4

    Phone psychic readings are much more expensive than direct reading sessions

    Phone psychic readings indeed help the client to save a substantial amount. Clients do not have to spend money on the travel or waste their productive hours waiting in long queues. The session can be attended peacefully from the comfort of home or the client’s own personal space. It is recommended to obtain quotes from more than one or two psychic readers, compare the cost with the time length of the session (which is generally 60 minutes) and then choose the most suitable reader. However, remember that reputation and skill of the psychic reader is more important than the cost factor. You may get a cheaper phone reading but it turn out a waste of time and money.

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    Top Five Benefits of Having a Phone Psychic Reading

    by Roosy S
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    Every individual experiences a point in life, where they would seek guidance from someone reliable and out of their immediate circle of friends and relatives. Psychic reading is an amazing source of enlightenment and a trusted way of obtaining clarity in issues related to finances, relationships, careers and so on.

    Phone psychic reading has lately gained immense popularity and for more than a reason. Read on to find out some strong benefits of using phone psychic reading to clarify your life issues.

    • Phone psychic reading can be done at convenience of your home

    You may be living in any part of Australia and opt for phone psychic reading from your favourite psychic reader from any part of the country. You do not have to travel or cancel all your appointments to dedicate one full day to travel and meet the best psychic in Sydney. Phone psychic reading offers instant guidance with increased convenience.

    • Privacy and anonymity can be maintained

    It is recommended to be 100% honest with the psychic reader in order to obtain relevant advice. However, in some cases, the issues faced may be sensitive and personal and clients prefer maximum privacy. Phone psychic readings can be done wherever you feel you have some privacy to make a phone call, so others around you do not hear your conversation.

    • Phone psychic readings allow the client to be better prepared and calmer too

    Generally, there is a lot of time to relax and be prepared before phone psychic readings. The anxiety of meeting a psychic reader and learning about future can be much higher when the reading is done face-to-face. During phone psychic readings, the client feels more relaxed and sits down calmly to make a mental note of the most important guidelines offered by the reader. The interaction is much easier and the client may get much more out of the session.

    • Phone psychic readings are usually reliable

    During a phone reading, the psychic listens to the vibrations of the client’s voice and offers insight based whatever information the psychic picks up at that time.

    • Phone psychic reading option removes geographical restrictions

    With phone psychic readings becoming more and more popular, people can reach out to far off psychic readers easily. In fact, clients from places as far as Europe and Asia, reach out to Australia and look out for the best psychic in Sydney. Thus, phone readings increase your options and allow you to access the best psychic without having to compromise on the quality of service.


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    How to prepare yourself for a psychic reading?

    by Roosy S
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    A Psychic reading can help you to achieve personal and spiritual development. Each psychic reading is unique and there are ways to make it much better. The most important step in having a great reading is to find a suitable psychic in Sydney. Research well if the person you choose could provide the right type of information or guidance you are looking for. Here are some tips on how to prepare before meeting a psychic in Sydney,

    • To get the most out of your reading, you need to be more present and focused. Thus, schedule your meeting in such a way that you would have ample amount of time both before and after the session. If you are impatient or worrying over other things, it could affect the reading.
    • You may be already aware of this, but do not go for a reading after consuming alcohol or drugs that could induce sleep. There are few people who think that getting intoxicated a bit would help them to get over their anxiety about the reading. But it could affect the clarity of the signal between the spirit and the medium.
    • If you are about to have a phone reading, find a quiet place for the process. You could become emotionally vulnerable during the reading and should be capable of uncovering your deep emotions in that environment.
    • When you meet a psychic in Sydney let the session take you wherever it needs to go. At times, it could focus on a different direction, not the one you have intended. This is because your inner self is trying to give you the information that you actually need at this time. It could be something you never have even thought of.
    • Have a good night’s sleep and plenty of water the night before the session. Stay away from alcohol and tobacco as much as possible. This would mentally prepare you for the psychic reading. By having a calm mind, body and emotions, you can be more aware during the process.
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    Phone Psychic Readings

    by Roosy S
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    Phone Psychic Readings

    Phone Psychic Readings

    If you are seeking to know more about what’s happening around you, then a phone psychic reading is a brilliant idea.

    Even though psychics may use different modalities to help you get answers or clarity, at the end of your session, you usually would feel uplifted, relieved or at least better about the situation you find yourself in.

    A psychic reading will assist you to know of the things that you could be doing that may be of help. Or alternative paths may show up in your reading, that may give you a different solution.

    In relationship issues, a psychic reading can be of immense help by shedding more light in helping you understand how you are relating to your partner/spouse, and how he/she is relating to you.

    Sometimes life puts us in muddled situations that bring on a lot of worry and uncertainty. At other times, we need to shed off the past so that we can grow mentally, emotionally or even financially. Since the future can be unpredictable, it is important to make sure that you do things as best as is possible given your current scenario. This is another aspect that phone psychic readings can help you with.

    A phone psychic reading can reveal things that may not be that evident to you and the psychic can often pick up information that is relevant and helpful to you. The reader may tell you to continue on the same path you are on or choose a different path for a while. You may already have certain answers within you but it helps to get confirmation of your ideas by someone who does not know you or at least is not too close to your problem or scenario.

    A good Psychic who has strong intuitive abilities will be able to connect with your energy even while you are having your reading over phone. It is not always essential to have a face to face reading.

    Call Roosy on 0413831196 to book your phone reading today or order online!


    Q: How do I pay for a phone psychic reading with Roosy?

    A: You can call Roosy directly on 0413 831 196 and pay via a valid Visa or Master card using EFTPOS. A debit card may work as well. This is usually the easiest option. If you are a regular, you can also pay via eft online transfer.   For details on this you will need to call Roosy. You can also pay via PayPal. Please use the PayPal link provided on the website https://www.roosyspirit.com/product-category/phone-readings/


    Q: Who will be doing my phone reading? Will it be Roosy herself or someone else on her team of Psychics?

    A: Roosy is the owner of the business Roosy Spirit and all readings are always done by her only.


    Q: How do Phone Consultations/Readings work if I am not there with you?

    A: Phone readings work just as well as face to face readings. When Roosy starts to do your reading, she picks up on your energy and works with that. She also connects to the etheric vibrations of your voice.


    Q: Has Roosy had many clients or is she new to phone readings?

    A: Roosy has been doing face to face and phone readings for many years. She is very well known in her client base. She has many satisfied clients who come back to her for phone consultations/readings.


    Q: Will a phone reading work as well as a face to face reading?

    A: The short answer is yes. Having said that, it’s always lovely to get to meet Roosy in person so she can study your aura, but when that is not possible due to logistics and if you are unable to get to see her for a personal consult, then Roosy can still pick up a lot during your phone reading.


    Q: Does Roosy have reviews or testimonials that I can read before booking my session with her?

    A: Yes of course! Roosy has many testimonials from some of her valued clients on her website on the testimonial page https://www.roosyspirit.com/testimonials/

    You can also read some reviews on Google+


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    Things You Should Know Before Attending A Psychic Reading

    by Roosy S
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    Choosing the right psychic in Sydney can be difficult. Especially for people who are not well aware of the process involved in psychic reading. Psychic reading is offered in various styles and forms. Though some psychics tune themselves into energies, some may rely on tools to offer guidance. Here are some things that would help you to have a successful psychic reading,

    • Find a psychic who is well reputed. You can check their websites and go through the testimonials. It is essential to see if the reviews are related to what you are about to get in the session. If you are not comfortable to decide based upon the opinion of strangers, get reference from your friends and relatives.
    • It is important to relax and wait for the appointment of a well experienced psychic in Sydney. Most people tend to overreact and approach the first psychic available to them to get guidance immediately. Without proper research, you may have to sacrifice the quality of the reading.
    • Keep in mind that phone reading is just as effective as in person. Even some psychics in Sydney prefer to do phone reading because the person would not get distracted or disturbed by the presence of the psychics. Also, you could save some cost on gas/transport and parking fee.
    • Do not be closed during the psychic reading. If you want to make sure whether the reader is legit and reliable, research everything you want prior to your visit. But during the session be open to them and make it easier for them to work with you effectively, to save your time and money.
    • Some psychics allow you to record your reading, others do not allow recording. A best psychic in Sydney would tell you if they allow it or not. Remember it is best to respect their decision in this matter.
    • The psychic reading session is for providing what the spirits want you to know. Thus, don’t be obsessed with a specific answer or outcome. Remember that the objective of the reading is for your betterment and best to involve yourself completely in the process.
    • You are entitled to ask questions during the session. If your psychic wouldn’t allow interjecting, then he/she may not be the right person for you. At the same time, do not forget the fact that they could just give you what they get from Spirit.
    • It is essential to write down the things that made you want to have the session in the first place. This list could be useful when your psychic allows you to ask questions.

    These tips would assist you to get an amazing Psychic reading in Sydney.

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    What Tarot Reading Does For You?

    by Roosy S
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    Tarot reading is a devolutionary method. The tarot readers follow different techniques and types of cards while reading. There are two widely accepted methods to read tarot cards. In the first method, each card would exhibit separate meanings and the readers would use their knowledge, skill and expertise to interpret it. In the second method, the meaning is identified based on the intuition and psychic abilities of the readers. Tarot reading in Sydney would allow you to know about the actual situation around any questions you might have, thus aiding in your decision making process. You may wonder how it is possible. Tarot cards can help to hear the inner voice of your higher self and encourages you to do the right thing. Here are some advantages of using tarot cards for spiritual guidance,

    Gives a deep understanding of your circumstances

    Tarot cards provide you more clarity than a psychic reading. By putting you in touch with your intuition, it urges you to take an honest look at your life, even things that you might have missed or wantonly ignored.

    Highly informative

    It is very instructive as each card gives incredible meaning of all important aspects of your life. You can get access to the details of your finance position, family, career, love life etc.

    Shows you where to focus

    Sometimes life demands too much of your attention and you may be confused with certain issues in your life. In those situations Tarot readers in Sydney can guide you towards the right place you must be concentrating on for a better future.

    Makes you more bold

    Tarot reading in Sydney gives the necessary confidence to face anything that you would have to face in the future. By knowing everything about your current circumstance, you can easily predict the consequences of all your actions. Thus you would get bolder in dealing with other people and the situation around you too.

    Identifies the core of your problems

    If you are experiencing a problem in your life, you would not always have the ability to determine the cause of it. Sometimes people fail to understand that the real problem lies within their mind. Also, external factors could have played a role in it too. By understanding the core of the issue, you can take steps to rectify it.

    Validate your thoughts

    Most times you would be hesitant to act upon a decision. By having a tarot reading in Sydney, you can take the right course of action. It provides you a solution in a confused state where you need to decide whether to follow your gut feeling or not.

    By offering response to the queries surrounding your life, Tarot reading enhances your rational thinking and inner peace.

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    Face to Face Psychic Readings Sydney

    by Roosy S
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    My name is Roosy Singh and I am one of Sydney’s most popular psychics offering face to face psychic readings.

    Personal readings can cover all aspects of your life: love, relationships, destiny, career and more. If you are having stress and anxiety over certain issues or feel like you need clarity plus guidance with something in your life then look no further.  Your past, present and your near future can all be viewed in-depth, depending on your issues. I aim to provide you with positive empowerment, inner strength and harmony as much as possible!

    Psychic readings will help you to shine a light on your path, as I look to unravel what I get shown when I work with spirit to gain divine insight. Getting a good psychic reading involves more than choosing the right reader; you also need to be open to receiving from Spirit. Some people get worried or even a bit scared to come for a face to face session. When you are coming to see me you do not need to be anxious or scared as I work only with the white light and only with the positive energies!

    Any one of these modalities or more may be used during your session; psychic ability, clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudience, clairalience, clairgustance, claircognizance, mediumship, tarot cards, pendulum, numerology, channelling from Spirit.

    I also offer phone readings if you are unable to come and see me personally.

    I am very centrally located in a quiet cul-de-sac , inner west suburb, at Unit 205, 2 Nagurra Place, Rozelle, which is near the Sydney CBD, close to Darling Harbour, and easy to reach by car as well.

    Book Your Face to Face Psychic Reading

    Call me on 0413 831 196 to book your reading. Due to high demand you may sometimes reach my voicemail, so please leave your name and number, and I will return your call as soon as I get free.

    I’m well known for my practical, no-nonsense, down-to-earth style of readings.

    I don’t do this work part-time. I am a full-time professional Psychic.

    I am an International Spiritual Reader and Energy Healer.

    I hail from a very Spiritual family. My parents are direct descendants of the 1st and the 3rd Guru, namely Guru Nanak and Guru Amardas.

    I am Caring, Compassionate, Non-judgmental, and an Empath.

    I have conducted thousands of personal and phone readings. Allow me to assist you.

    ( Author: Roosy Singh)


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    Fascinating facts about tarot reading you may not know

    by Roosy S
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    Tarot reading is a powerful tool which acts as a device to help you understand the true nature of life and yourself. When you find yourself in a difficult situation and have no idea what to do next, it provides you the direction and empowerment to make the change you want. By having a tarot reading in Sydney, you can get an honest look at your situation and find what is really happening. Some unknown facts about tarot readings are given here,

    • Tarot reading was originated in northern Italy for playing games

    Many believe that Tarots were created by ancient Egyptians. However, the first mention of Tarot cards was found during the renaissance period (15th century) in Northern Italy. The Tarots were originally used for games, not for divination. The European mystics began using it as a tool for spirituality and enlightenment later on 19th century.

    • Early artists hand painted the Tarot cards

    This is because printing press had not been invented at that time. The 78-card Tarot card deck was hand painted with intricate details. Though expensive, these hand painted cards are still available.

    • Tarot cards are based on right interpretation and intuition

    A common misconception is that there is a right way of reading the tarot card and not doing so would lead to wrong results. This is not true. A person has to use his or her sixth sense and instinct to interpret the cards. Because of this, it is advised to find the best psychic in Sydney to get a tarot reading.

    • Invoking Spirits is not necessary to read tarot cards

    Though it is not considered wrong to beseech the spirits during a reading, it is not a mandatory step.

    • There is no need to be afraid of the “Death” card

    People often mistake that getting a death card means an early death. But the truth is that usually the death card indicates a major transformation, beginning of a new phase in life.

    • Tarot cards are not meant for just predicting the future

    In truth, Tarot cards are capable of more than fortune telling. It can also serve for meditation, creative writing, visualisation, conscious creation and dialogue writing.

    • Psychics make the best tarot readers

    It is true that anyone can the tarot cards with proper study. However, as mentioned before intuition plays a major role in Tarot reading.  It also requires a steady spiritual connection, which could be achieved with regular meditation.

    Get a Tarot reading and create a more fulfilling and rewarding life.

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    How Tarot Readings Give Answers to Burning Questions about Your Life

    by Roosy S
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    “When one door closes another door opens…”                        –   Alexander Graham Bell

    We all have that moment in life – we are at a crossroads, thinking which path needs to be taken and what it has got to offer for us. Life can sometimes put us in a state of utter confusion, shattering our confidence and letting stress get the best of us. Fret not, as help is at hand – tarot cards! Here’s how tarot cards or tarot readings can help you steer clear of all your doubts about life and move forward with assurance and power.

    What are Tarot Cards?

    Tarot cards include a set of 78 or more illustrative cards that shall be categorised into two different groups:

    • Major Arcana
    • Minor Arcana

    The major arcana forms one suit, whilst the minor arcana has four categories such as Wands (represents the element of fire, spirituality and creativity), Pentacles (represents earth and money), Swords (represents air, conflict and tension) and Cups (represents water, emotion and relationships).

    Tarot card readings are helpful in examining the energies in your life and see how they define your life’s path. In fact, you could end up finding creative solutions to your problems.

    Benefits of Tarot Card Readings you must know:

    Guides you through the Path:

    Based on your tarot results, professional tarot card readers can offer you help and guidance. Such advice shall be immensely helpful when you are in a confused state of mind. Even when you are perplexed about making a firm decision over something, tarot readings can give you a clear conscience about the same.

    Guaranteed Peace of Mind:

    Who doesn’t love to live a peaceful life? We all do what it takes to attain great peace of mind. Tensions in personal and work lives can cause stress. Tarot readings help us to attain balance in life and enable us to craft a plan to solve problems and improve relationships.

    Gain Confidence:

    Tarot card readings give us an incredible insight to every aspect of life – relationships, financial issues, love life, career growth and more. When we are equipped with such information, we gain more confidence and attempt to prepare for today and tomorrow.

    For a Head Start:

    New Year’s here! The dawn of New Year witnesses the birth of New Year’s resolutions from learning a new skill to taking a different career path. But how do you make sure such new beginnings will be thriving for you? While tarot cards cannot declare how your future will be, it helps you identify the changes that can come, what opportunities you should look out for, and which paths & options you should explore to keep away hindrances and find success.

    Tarot readings can give a glimpse of ourselves and helps us direct towards our goal, by empowering us with knowledge and self-assurance. Consult a professional tarot reader in Sydney and attain great peace, satisfaction and triumph in life!


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    Online physic readings

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    When you are looking at having online psychic readings, it is a good idea to visit the website and read up on the psychic you are drawn to.  While reading up about the psychic, you will get a fair idea about the quality of the psychic you are about to choose and their expertise.

    If they have more than one strength, or use more than one modality in their readings, that’s sometimes better because they may be able to look at it from a few different aspects to give you the best guidance.

    Consulting the cards may also help to get in touch with your intuition, which is usually your best guide when it comes to making those difficult choices and decisions.

    You need to seek out a psychic with a caring approach and straightforward guidance before you finalize your online psychic reading. This type of person would usually be providing online psychic readings daily on questions of love, destiny, future and likely outcomes. Each reading is unique for each client. Insightful guidance is sought for whilst sitting in the comfort of your home, or office.

    Online readings provide a great alternative to getting some clarity or checking out your options and outcomes to your situation and you don’t even have to travel distances to get to and from the psychic reader. No time is wasted in the journey and you just go online and choose your psychic.

    In minutes your psychic will be able to shed some light to your burning question and provide you with some psychic answers. Just sit back, relax and allow the universe to bring through what’s for your highest good today. When something is troubling you, it is a good idea to book an online reading so that a good reader can look at things without being closely attached to the problem or uncertainty you are facing. This way they can give you guidance without being directly involved emotionally with your issue.

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