Email Psychic Readings Australia

E-mail psychic readings are a great way to get some guidance when you are looking for direction in your life. Of course, there are other types of readings available, for e.g. phone psychic readings or face to face private consults, but e-mail readings are a fantastic option as well.


You can order an e-mail reading, make your payment and then carry on with your life while you wait for your psychic, tarot reader or clairvoyant to do your reading and send back to you as a word document. Once you have received your reading via e-mail, this enables you to sit back and go through your e-mail reading at your own leisure.

The advantage is that you can read it as many times as you like. You can save a copy in your documents folder or somewhere secure where it is available for your perusal when needed. It is such a convenient way to let the words sink in and derive guidance from it.

The wait times for e-mail readings can usually be anywhere from 2 days to 21 or even 28 days. It depends on how busy the psychic is. But when you finally receive your reading, it can be well worth the wait.

It is a good idea to choose a psychic or reader that has a good reputation and strong background in the spiritual realm. So, either find someone who comes to you via word of mouth, as that’s usually a good indication, or take your time to read through some testimonials of psychics. And then leave it to your intuition to finally choose a reader that you feel drawn to for your e-mail reading.

You can go for a general e-mail reading or ask your psychic if you can send through a question or two to look at for you. You could even ask if they can focus on certain areas of your life, if that’s required. With general e-mail readings, the psychic reader will tune in to whatever comes up for you at the time of doing your reading. Sometimes that may be a good idea too.

E-mail psychic readings are also convenient because you and your psychic can be situated in any part of Australia, or, for that matter, in any part of the world because e-mail readings are not location dependant.

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Showing all 2 results