Top 7 messages received from the spirits

by Roosy S
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You might have heard that a psychic helps you to communicate with the spirits. However, when you are undertaking a phone psychic reading in Melbourne, you cannot expect the psychic to connect you into the spirit world and arrange a chat with anyone whom you wish to talk. Rather, your psychic in Melbourne would link you with the spirit available on the other end at the current moment. They receive messages through verbally, telepathically,   and at times through emotional or physical sensations.

Here are the 7 most common messages received by some of the best psychics in Melbourne,

  • Spirits had a beautiful and soothing transition

Regardless of the nature of their death, they often share how their passage to the other end was like with the psychic. And they agree that it was a blissful experience. It is usually a happy reunion with their loved ones who had deceased before them.

  • They do not recall pain

People often experience intolerable physical pain during their deaths. However, the good news is that the spirits have no memory of their pain and are peaceful in their current state.

  • They are not gone

They may no longer be present in their physical body but their spirits are very much alive, aware and present. In fact, as they are no longer retained by the material world.

  • They recommend travelling and chasing your dreams.

Spirits often encourages their loved ones to be more adventurous. If you are hesitating to pursue your dream, they would urge you to follow it without any fear and waste no time. Though your physical experience is a shorter one, it can bring you lots of wonderful, fulfilling and learning experiences that can last forever.

  • They see their life in a different perspective

It is true that the spirits feel no sense of regret or remorse. This doesn’t mean that they can’t see how the choices they made while they were living affected the people around them and their own happiness. Mostly, they wish that their loved ones take their life as an example and make their own choices more wisely.

  • They urge you to be more cautious about your health

Spirits usually highlight any physical illness that is being ignored by their loved ones. They understand that a healthy lifestyle is the most powerful way to create happiness.

  • They want you not to take your life for granted

They appreciate the wonder of physical life and advice their loved one to do the same. Every lifetime challenges add more to the soul advancement.

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