• Psychic Readings

    Psychic readings give you insight into your past, present, and future through your own personal guides or my Spirit guides to help see a clear picture of what’s going on within and around you. Many issues may come to light when having a Psychic reading. It can offer clarity and guidance as well as help enhance your life with more meaning and provide available paths that you would be able to take in the near future.

    What do Psychic Readings Involve?

    For an accurate reading to be performed, a great degree of skill and knowledge is required as well as the ability to interpret certain information. Psychic readings may involve the use of psychic ability, mediumship, channeling, numerology, spiritual counselling, pendulum and tarot cards when reading for my clients. I am a clairsentient and sense certain vibrations, energy and or aura’s while communicating with a client on various levels.

    I may also use an Angel or Oracle card to compliment the session for an insight of things to come, or give an added message for you during your psychic reading session with me.