• Spiritual Readings Sydney

    Roosy works with Spirit when she does readings. While she is in session, she finds herself channeling from Spirit very often. So even though she may start with the Tarot, a short while into the readings, Spirit will either showing her images that she has to “decipher”. She may even hear things or be shown numbers.

    Often she will also get a knowing or a feeling as she pick up things happening around the client she is reading for. This is Spirit’s way of communicating with her.

    When mediumship happens, as it does in most sessions, Roosy starts to get vibrations or sense emotions. Sometimes she will see or feel people who have passed over and are in spirit form. Roosy calls this experience as a bridge between both worlds, ours of the living and Spirit’s as those passed over. Our loved ones use this channel or medium to come through to simply “connect” with loved ones who are here on earth.

    Spiritual Readings Melbourne

    Roosy often tells her clients to have an open mind when they come to her to have a spiritual reading. If you need clarity about a certain situation, it is best to start to ask for guidance, even from the universe.  Before coming in to see Roosy, send up a special little prayer to your loved ones in spirit to send through divine guidance in your session with her.

    Spirit has different ways of communicating with us. Sometimes it will be via cryptic signs and other times it will be with signs and synchronicity. Some signs are subtle, some are symbolic and others need a lot of interpretation.

    The spiritual arena has fascinated Roosy for many years. It holds mysteries and higher spiritual realms. She offers insight and esoteric knowledge by interpreting these signs from Spirit.  She connects with the Spirit realm and provides readings from the highest integrity.

    Roosy provides Spiritual readings in Sydney and also when she is in Melbourne. Book your session with Roosy today! Buy Now or call Roosy on 0413831196 to book your consult.