• Energy Healings

    If a person’s chi or “life force” is high, it produces good health and happiness but when the person’s chi or “life force” is low, then it is reflected as sickness, unhappiness, or just a tad down and out.

    If you are feeling a bit low and run down that’s when an energy healing session with me would be extremely beneficial.

    If the energy healing session is done after a reading I find it works much better because it enables both the client and me to also work on some of the issues that come up during the reading.

    Book a combined session with me today and I will be happy to assist you.

    When doing energy healing, I deal with the etheric body and look at the overall aura of the client as well as all the chakra’s. I empower you with channelled Goddess healing.

    I use at least 2 different modalities when doing energetic healing. The first part comprises of pranic healing techniques. Pranic healing comes from an ancient healing art. It was further developed by the late Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, who held that Prana ( Life force or energy ) can heal as it treats the “energy body” which can also have an impact on the physical body. Pranic healing can include scanning, cleansing and energising the etheric body as well as working on the chakras if required.

    Then after Pranic healing I use my own modality of Goddess channelled healing. This involves “ sensing”, looking for or being guided by the divine to energetic blockages. I use my ability as an energetic healer to sense the blockages and then clear them in each session. Blocks or blockages can be absorbed by us in our daily lives.  These can be stored in our energy field and impact us in different ways where we may not feel our best, or not perform to our best ability, or just simply feeling a sense of “heaviness”.

    These blockages can lead to a feeling of depletion within our heart, mind, body and soul. These are worked on by me with love, compassion and healing energy.

    My sessions take a more holistic approach to wellbeing.  Regular or periodic energy healing sessions can have a profound effect giving a sense of wellness and rejuvenation.

    Many times these sessions can also help to alleviate pain as well.

    The client may feel a range of emotions during a session with me. This could be from feeling relief, to exalted, from feeling very emotional to euphoria, and feeling a sense of catharsis to purged. The emotional or crying state can sometimes come about if you are knowingly or unknowingly holding on to a load of emotions or also when someone has directed a lot of negative energy towards you. Each client is different and may feel their own unique set of emotions or relief.

    I usually work with the meridians, chakra’s and the auric field. Breath work, colour therapy and or crystals may also be used as part of this healing modality apart from other insights that may come into play while I am in session. Sessions promote relaxation and are energising as well as empowering! A client may also benefit with improved circulation during and after energy healing. Emotional, spiritual or mental blocks can also sometimes be relieved by ongoing sessions.

    Evil Eye Removal: This can also be incorporated during an energy healing session with me.

    Crown Chakra clearing, balancing and alignment:

    This technique enhances blood circulation and feels invigorating. It promotes relaxation for the mind and nervous system. It can help in stabilising emotional balance and may also help with pacifying the dosha’s. It is extremely beneficial if you have been burning the midnight oil, having restless sleep or stressed out with long hours at work.  It can also help strengthen the roots of the hair along with other energetic healing aspects. Some of my clients have reported that it helped with hair loss. They also felt more nourished and nurtured on a soul level. It may induce better sleep and feelings of well-being. It can also help with negative emotions or depression.

    Just a suggestion, in case you are booking this technique with me as part of your energy healing session, please ensure not to style your hair using products like strong gel or similar when coming to see me.

    Energy healing sessions are very peaceful and usually a client walks out feeling very light. It’s a great stress reliever too. You will find it extremely soothing and zen like.

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